About The Council

Our Role 
As a Community Council we are a public representative body. Our role is to act as a channel for the opinions of the local community. 
We have the right to be notified of and respond to any planning applications. We are also frequently involved in local projects mostly related to local infrastructure such as footpaths, parks, playgrounds etc. and local events.

Trewern Community Council covers the communities of:-
  • Middletown
  • Trewern
  • Buttington
  • Cefn
  • Hope 
The Councillors  
  • ChairMrs Gillian Corfield 
  • Vice Chair:  Mr Philip Hughes 
  • Mr Rob Breakwell
  • Mr David Corfield 
  • Mr Peter Davies 
  • Mrs Sasha Hart 
  • Mrs Ida Hughes 
  • Mr Rex Turner
  • Mrs Fiona Warburton  
  • Harriot Bates

Our County Councillor

  • Mrs Amanda Jenner