County Councillors report

County Councillors Report - July 2020

Planning application for holiday chalets in Trelystan

I am trying to get hold of the planning officer for an update. Understand the application has changed slightly. I have asked if I can retrospectively call this in to committee as the committee is now sitting again. Awaiting response.

Incinerator Remote Consultation Petition

This was considered by Welsh Parliament Committee last week who appreciated the concern re. unfairness and discrimination against those who don’t have internet access etc. They will write to the Minister and I am awaiting an update on this. It seems that the Minister may have the power to extend the next consultation period (not the pre-app), which I have requested has a rolling extension until face to face meetings and gatherings allowed.

Fly tipping Criggion Lane

The recent rubbish left on the road has been removed. An investigation is taking place re. the perpetrator. Aware that a local farmer leaves wood and cuttings there which pile up and arguably make it more attractive for fly tippers. 

County Council

Meetings still happening remotely and seem to be well attended with scrutiny going well. I will provide a fuller update in September regarding some changes happening and areas of concern (schools transformation and budget). This week council have approved some further free parking in Council Car parks to attract people to go shopping.

Motocross Noise

Lots of people have contacted me re. motocross noise. I have raised this with council re. whether there is a permitted use issue. It seems it is happening in the Pool Quay area and I’m not sure this is where I cover.