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Broad Energy Incinerator

The Consultation will be open for responses until the 11.59pm on 24th May 2021

If you feel strongly about this matter then it is really important that you make your views known. 


How do I respond to this consultation?

Here are the links to the application and further information

The link to the application is:

All of the documents can be viewed here:  


As is stated on the Planning Inspectorate website, it is important that when you submit your comments you:

  • stick to the facts
  • focus on issues raised by the project (e.g. positive or negative impacts)
  • be specific and provide examples
  • tell the Inspector what you want don't leave them to guess
  • write in clear, simple, everyday language
  • do not be vexatious

To respond online:


To respond by email: - mark correspondence relating to  Buttington Quarry ERF


To respond by post:

The Planning Inspectorate

Crown Buildings

Cathays Park


CF10 3NQ

- mark correspondence relating to Buttington Quarry ERF


What if I know someone who is concerned about this and they do not have access to the computer/internet?

Any requests for hard copies should be made to the Applicant Broad Energy directly. I suggest that you please pass this information on to any friends and neighbours who may want to see hard copies. The applicant's contact details are: Telephone: 0800 130 3353 and

Keep Wales Safe

Thanks for everything you are doing to #KeepWalesSafe, we can relax coronavirus restrictions again from Monday 7th June, allowing more people to meet outdoors.We are monitoring cases and if the public health situation allows, we will relax restrictions again on 21 June
Diolch i chi, rydym yn gallu llacio’r cyfyngiadau eto o ddydd Llun. Bydd hyn yn cynnwys caniatáu i fwy o bobl gwrdd yn yr awyr agored.Rydym yn monitro achosion, ac os bydd y sefyllfa yn caniatáu, byddwn yn llacio’r cyfyngiadau eto ar 21 Mehefin. 
45% Vaccinated asset
45% of adults in Wales are now fully vaccinated 🙌 Wales vaccination programme is world leading  Remember the second vaccine provides greater protection from coronavirus and new variants.
Mae 45% o oedolion yng Nghymru bellach wedi'u brechu'n llawn 🙌 Mae rhaglen frechu Cymru yn arwain y byd  Cofiwch fod yr ail frechlyn yn rhoi diogelwch cryfach rhag coronafeirws ac amrywiolion newydd. 
85% vaccinated asset
Over 85% of adults in Wales have received their first dose of the vaccine 👏 We're celebrating the speed of our vaccination teams and everyone who has said yes to the vaccine ❤️ The variants present a real threat. Please take up your offer of the vaccines when it's time. 
Mae dros 85% o oedolion yng Nghymru bellach wedi cael eu dos cyntaf o'r brechlyn 👏 Diolch i'n timau brechu cyflym ac i bawb sydd wedi cael eu brechlyn ❤️️ Mae amrywiadau'n bryder gwirioneddol. Ewch am frechlyn pan fydd hi'n amser.  
It’s still really important that we continue to do everything we can to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus and remain vigilant.  
Please see a link to the reduce risk video here:

Important Notice about the EU Settlement Scheme

The EU Settlement Scheme which was set up under the terms of the UK's Withdrawal Agreement with the EU, applies to citizens of the EU and EFTA who came to the UK before the end of the Brexit Transition period at the end of December 2020.  Similar arrangements apply for UK citizens who are living and working in continental Europe.   

The EU and EFTA residents in the UK who are affected by this need to apply if they wish to retain their rights to live, work and study in the UK.  Some people are not aware that this applies to them, including even some elderly veterans of World War II who came to the UK long before the UK joined the EU.  In addition, the children of some more recent arrivals, who have obtained rights to live and work in the UK, need to have individual applications made on their behalf in order to ensure that they will be able to access healthcare and education in the future.  A short video (3-4 minutes long) providing an overview of the EU Settlement Scheme and some of the issues involved is available on YouTube using the links provided below:

Poster (Welsh)

Poster (English)


At one of our recent Community Council meetings, we had a representative from GoSafe, the Welsh Road Casualty reduction partnership to discuss Operation SNAP and Community Speedwatch.

If you would like to know more about these schemes and how to help keep the Welsh roads safer, please visit the below links


Operation SNAP


Community Speedwatch