Community Information

Notice on Dog Fouling

It has been brought to our attention that there has recently been lot of dog mess around the grounds of Buttington Trewern CP school and the Community Centre. This is a major health issue, especially to the children who attend the school and are regularly playing in that area.  

Whilst we realise most dog owners are caring, responsible individuals, there are still some people who do not clean up after their pets. Anyone who fails to clear up after their dog can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £100. If the case goes to court this could cost the owner or person in charge of the animal up to £1,000. The law states that being unaware a dog has fouled or not having a suitable bag is not a reasonable excuse.  

We do have CCTV at the school and we are also increasing the number of cameras in that vicinity, as well as increasing the monitoring of the CCTV. If anyone is caught not cleaning up after their dog, we will report you and we ask that if you do see anyone offending, please report it at the following link…  



Buttington Incinerator Update

As you are already aware, we have been eagerly awaiting a decision on the Buttington Incinerator planning application from the Welsh Government Minister. The Planning Inspectorate recommended that this application be refused, in which the Minister has also agreed. The refusal was based on the following main issues:

Whether the proposal would be consistent with the aims of waste planning policy in Wales in terms of need, sustainability and direction of travel, in the context of national and development plan policy;

(If you would like a copy of the report and the full reasons of why the application has been refused, please get in touch with us and we can forward this onto you).

We know that the majority of the Community were opposed to this development and so we would like to say a huge thank you to Cllr. Amanda Jenner and the BIIG (Buttington Incinerator Impact Group) for all your hard work in campaigning against this application.