County Councillors report

County Councillors Report - July 2021

Buttington Incinerator

The Planning Inspectorate confirmed that the next stage of the planning process will proceed in September by way of Public Hearings in mid-September. I am awaiting further details on the format that these will take and who will be invited to speak at these. I can request to make further representations and I will consider doing that. I am liaising with Powys County Council to understand their involvement in the next stage too.

I have asked TCC Councillors to consider whether it would be worth us compiling our existing submissions that relate to highways concerns and pass these on to the Trunk Road Manager. The Planning Inspectorate has asked for the highways department to provide a further full report. I’m pleased to see this as I had written to the Welsh Government Minister for highways to highlight concerns with the lack of response they provided during the consultation.

Planning application for no. 27 Residential Park

I have called in the application so that it will be decided by the planning committee rather than an individual officer. My reasons for doing so are that there is concern that dwellings need to be in keeping with the rest of the park and that outside materials, design and roof scope etc should be complimentary to the existing dwellings.

I understand that there is an inaccuracy in the planning documentation where the applicant has said that the plot cannot be seen from a public area. 

Enforcement complaint re no. 30 Residential Park

My understanding is that no retrospective application has yet been received. As of today they are still within the 8 week timeframe to submit this. I will seek an update on next steps if there is no application submitted

General planning matter – responses sent to Powys Planning

It has come to my attention that a resident in our area has recently sent in an offensive letter to a Powys Planning officer. Whilst I appreciate that planning can be emotive and cause worry for residents, writing an offensive planning response is not acceptable. I am more than happy to speak to residents about their concerns. I am more than happy for residents to strongly oppose planning matters, but this should be done professionally.


Verge cutting has been carried out. Pot holes and road conditions continue to be raised (in particular Station Road and Hope Road). Some other areas have had recent fixes over the last month. I also have the following updates on some issues I’ve raised in recent meetings with the highways team.

Middletown Hill U2244 (verge slippage problem) – Highways have now visited and will arrange resources to carry out site works, installing some Gabion side support, this will be delivered in the next couple of months provided resources are available.

U2250 Heldre Lane – Highways Supervisor Danny Jarman will visit and speak with Farmer regarding issues with mud etc.

U2248 Sale Lane Drainage issues – highways have visited this with Works Supervisor. Many drains require cleaning including the culvert under the bridge abutment, this ounlets into the blocked ditch this also needs cleaning and the small headwall repairing.  Highways will raise some job tickets and will schedule all this for completion in September when they start on the ditching and Grip cleaning work.